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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mismatched Ingredients and other "creating on a budget" disasters

Ok so you know how you will have one or two (or if you are lucky and amazingly more organized dedicated and awesome than I am several) weeks maybe where you responsibly and diligently stock your fridge with the perfect ingredients to make wholesome healthy and satisfying meals, leaving you satisfied, happy and proud of yourself? Where you pat yourself on the back for not eating out because you planned ahead so well you never had an "Oh, Crap what are we going to eat for dinner/breakfast/snacks/ the weekend," moment? Which is always inevitably followed by the week/s where you open your fridge and there is nothing- NOTHING to make a meal with? Why is that?

For some reason this happens to me a lot.
I get on a good roll and then I 
just start taking it for granted that there are yummy meal making food options and I stop looking at grocery ads, stop stalking FreshDirect and stop planning my next grocery trip. And then one day I open the fridge at like 6pm right before Chaley gets home and it's like S*$@ what in the world are we going to eat??? And I know she isn't going to want to go grocery shopping after work (and its 20 degrees outside who wants to pick up milk etc in this chilling weather? So then we are wither a) rifling through delivery menus/ trying to find

ONE THING FOR GOODNESS" SAKE THAT WE WANT TO EAT! And that's when we never want any of it. In fact all we want is a good homecooked meal. Or b) I look in the cupboard/fridge/(pantry otherwise known as my counter) and I see this:

And for some reason I think, "Hey I'll make an Asian pasta salad! No peanuts? NO sesame seeds? Just Pine Nuts? NO problem! All I have are some green beans? We'll make it work! No wonton crunchies? No scallions? No yummy asian anything besides this Asian marinade dressing and pineapple chunks? WHO CARES??? IT DOESN'T MATTER! I'LL Be CREATIVE! And then there I am boiling campanella noodles and talking myself into believing this is going to work; Marinade, Blanched Green Beans, Pine Nuts, and Pineapple Chunks. Don't judge me.

This was literally all I had. Okay Okay I confess when I tasted it all in my head it did not taste ...great. But I was hungry and Delusional. AND hunger makes you do some crazy things but sometimes beauty comes out of throwing whatever you have together. Just not this time.

So we had Thai instead.

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