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Friday, December 3, 2010

4:00 AM Already?

So you know that feeling you get when you realize you are approaching 30 and you're whole life has been passing you by while you fret over bills and what you're going to make for dinner? Well I had that feeling times ten this fall when I realized- I am turning 27! Seriously? Like, how did that happen? So I did what any sane person would do.

I signed up for a bootcamp. I mean, really I can blame this ALL on they had a special being advertised and at 80% a girl like me with a budget like mine can't get fit for a better price. So I signed up for the one that started this past Monday because that was my 27th birthday and what better way to start off 27 right? Well, let me tell you at 4:00 Monday morning I was definitely kicking myself. But I got out of bed anyway and at 5:20 I was...lost.

LOL. Yes, my sense of direction when it's dark and I am still sleepy could use a lot of help. I wandered around for 40 minutes in the cold before I finally found my way (*whew) and when I got there the women were all doing circuits (its a women's bootcamp). They were all also coincidentally- TINY! Worst nightmare. Seriously. I'm talking Lululemon model fit. And they were doing crazy circuits. in super cute Lululemon/ Athletica/ Nike/ awesome workout clothing. And then there was me. In my sweats and hoodie. Because those stores don't carry my size, actually. So yay for that! I was definitely already feeling self conscious about being late and I thought, "Wait, so not one of you can be overweight? Like, not even a little?? I really have to be the only fat girl?" LOL. SOO NOT FAIR LIFE! This is why overweight women like myself don't workout. We are alway surrounded by these perfect little high energy people who look at us with those EYES!

I'm projecting aren't I? Sorry! :) I had a moment. I'm good now. So I only caught like the last 20 minutes of the workout but that last 20 mins was no joke. I left really apprehensive for Wednesday. Am I going to make it through an entire hour? I definitely felt the need to prove that I wasn't going to hold everyone back. But Wednesday though brutal was awesome! I didn't stop early or pass out or give up so yay!

My brother Mikaelin said something profound over thanksgiving about how hard 26 was and how at 27 he realized he can't just wait for everything in life to fan out to start living the way he wants to live and being who he wants to be. And I think I had that same realization. Like you spend this huge chunk of your life saying when I'm rich or when I have this or when I have that, I'm going to do a,b, and c. And we both just sort of realized life will pass you by like this and we're not getting any younger so we might as well just do those things and be those people now/ Dress how we want, look how we want, live how we want. We need to live for today! OMG how simple and rudimentary is that! It's one of those things people say to you EVERY DAY!  So, I'm not getting any younger. I have to get fit now. :)
So there you go.
This is the view I had walking home from bootcamp this morning:
Beautiful. I feel good :)

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