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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sacrificing Food for Function

So I've kind of been in a funk the last week or so. I realized shortly after the New Year that my food spending was out of control. But I love food! Chaley mentioned to me that we can't do everything right now. And I know she's right but it made me sad. Why does eating locally seasonally and consciously have to be so much? Why do we have so little? Granted a big part of the problem is that my eyes are always bigger than my stomach/ the situation/ how much is really needed. But beyond that, between genetically modified everything, high fructose corn syrup, and antibiotic miserable meat, the price to live and eat simple just keeps rising. I really love getting meat from the Farmer's Market, but money is tight right now. So no more. I am (temporarily I hope) going to have to make the best choice out of the meat at the supermarket/ fresh direct. My resistance to reality could only hold out for so long. But it made me think. If I have spent some substantial portion of my life eating factory mass produced food, what made me think that regressing into some of those foods in order to sustain myself and C would result in some catastrophic body meltdown? Perhaps I lost you there. In our newer cleaner food state I likened those foods in our past to- well, to death really. And the idea of consuming some of them again seemed to me to be dooming us for all eternity to a slow and unhealthy death. But is it? Don't we all regress in our food choices every now and then? Isn't it like yoga, always a journey? Never perfection but always working towards it? Am I crazy for likening the choice to buy antibiotic-free wings versus murrays all natural free range wings to the lifelong humble practice of yoga? I don't know, But I will write you when I get there.

In the meantime, I guess I will just try to remember the original purpose of food is to fuel the body. And I can't fuel my or C's body if I am always running out of the tools to make the fuel. What food compromises have you made lately that you felt uncomfortable with?

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  1. mmm, i make sacrifices all the time in terms of food choices and, granted, sometimes i choose to overlook what i already know (that that shit's unhealthy). when i'm at school, i dunno have a whole lot of choices and money-wise, it's even more difficult. do i buy the close to $6 turkey sandwich or go with the bacon, egg & cheese sandwich that comes out to $3.50. they're prob both the same amount of calories .... and sometimes i can't even afford either. it's rough, and one should try and find a middle ground, but it's true, it's expensive eating healthy.


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